Friday, May 25, 2018

How do you assess the health of coral reefs? Take to the sky. This is a story of how a satellite constellation, an aircraft and drones are working together to map reefs. Their survival depends on it.

Do we need to do more to control Bitcoin's environmental impact? Learn more about the rise of cryptocurrencies:

Turning dry sand into fertile soil. Learn more about the global food industry:

Plastic #pollution: Images of a global problem - BBC News

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Half of all #electric cars are sold in #China. Read more:

8 African #cities are aiming to be carbon free by 2050 #environment #Africa

This chart shows the link between #emissions and economic growth #economics #environment

The #Colombian Amazon now has the same legal rights as you #environment

This British restaurant is turning its waste into food #food #environment

How #technology is driving a fourth wave of #environmentalism

This company wants to build a giant indoor farm next to every major city in the world #agriculture

¡La #Amazonía es campeona en #biodiversidad! 1/3 de todas las especies del mundo vive allí. Preservarla es crucial. #DíadelaBiodiversidad #IDB2018

The challenge in 2040? Add the current #energy use of #China and #India to global demand - and somehow fight #climate change. Learn more in our new white paper:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

World Economic Forum: "This South Korean city eliminates the need to drive

A call to #Turkey to close the financial #gender gap

See full Article.

Mark Thoma: "The “#accounting view” of money: money as equity

Part I

Part II

Naciones Unidas: "Las generaciones futuras merecen heredar un #planeta sano y sostenible. Hagamos todo lo posible para evitar la destrucción de la #naturaleza en el Día Internacional de la Diversidad Biológica, el 22 de mayo, y todos los días

Más información ➡️…"

World Economic Forum: "This plastic #bag is 100% #biodegradable #environment… "

International Day for Biological Diversity May 22, 2018

Día internacional de la Diversidad Biológica

Día Internacional de la Diversidad Biológica, 22 de mayo de 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

What is #GDPR? Everything you need to know about #Europe's new #data law

5 ways to help #girls be more confident - CNN

Human race just 0.01% of all life but has destroyed over 80% of wild mammals – study | #Environment | The Guardian

UK's clean car goal 'not ambitious enough' - BBC News

#Ikea apoya la inserción laboral de #mujeres en riesgo de exclusión

Not only are #carbon dioxide levels rising each year, they are accelerating

If you live in a big city you already smoke everyday #environment

#Renewable #energy is getting cheaper and it's going to change everything

Monday, May 14, 2018

Cleaning up the cruise liner industry. Learn more:

The #Motherhood penalty - gender gaps in #employment widen after bringing home the baby. More needs to be done to help bring #SharedProsperity for all. Watch the closing session of the OECD Social Policy Forum, starting in 10 minutes:… #GenderEquality

"I am seriously concerned about the snowball effect of impunity for the killings, violence and attacks against human rights defenders." We welcome @ForstMichel’s statement on critical need for protection of #EnvironmentDefenders in #Honduras:

Tesla's SA battery 'saving millions' of $. I haven't seen this in the mainstream press… but UK Independent has picked it up

An excellent example of CSR to reach @UN_SDG 2 "Zero hunger". Should be generalized not only in EU but worldwide. Also extended to other perishable non-food goods ! We will be 8,3 billion people in 2030 on the planet and we should find ways to avoid wasting #food.

Each year 1.3bn tonnes of food is wasted worldwide. Read more:

Friday, May 04, 2018

We've seen documents indicating #DRC government is planning to open up #Virunga and #Salonga national parks to oil exploration. Potential damage to these rare and valuable #ecosystems is enormous – oil companies shouldn't operate in protected national parks

That’s why it’s not an urgent problem “Poor nations will feel #climate change before rich ones - MIT Technology Review

The daunting math of #climate change means we’ll need #carbon capture - MIT Technology Review

Under the Trump administration’s plan to roll back fuel standards, #emissions will soar - MIT Technology Review

Meet the ex-miners who are now walking on water #Solar

#Greenhouse gas reaches alarming new record

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Stepping up to the plate for a greener future. And then eating it. Learn more:

LendingTree Ranks the Best and Worst Cities for New Small Businesses

When you’re just starting out as a small business owner, you want to be in the best possible position for success. While success is ultimately determined by a combination of factors, there’s no denying that some U.S. cities tend to produce more successful start-ups than others. In a new study, LendingTree used data from more than 80,000 queries submitted by new small business owners seeking loan offers through our small business loan marketplace to determine where businesses tend to do the best. See full Press Release.

Naciones Unidas: "La #contaminación del aire en muchas ciudades es todavía demasiado elevada, exponiendo a sus pobladores a enfermedades respiratorias y cardíacas. @opsoms:…"

We analyzed how #climate change funds are allocated and accounted for. Our new report shows very concerning trends for the world’s poorest countries and communities:

This shocking chart shows the true impact of #plastic on our #planet #environment

#China invested $126.6 billion in #renewables last year

9 de cada 10 respiran altos niveles de aire contaminado. Es como un asesino invisible que mata a 7 millones de personas cada año. @opsoms:…

En el #DíaMundialDelAtún 🐟 y todos los días, evita usar plástico descartable para mantener los #MaresLimpios y proteger a las especies marinas. 👉…

UNESCO - World Press Freedom Day

Every year, 3 May is a date which celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom, to evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their independence and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession. World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 following a Recommendation adopted at the twenty-sixth session of UNESCO's General Conference in 1991. This in turn was a response to a call by African journalists who in 1991 produced the landmark Windhoek Declaration on media pluralism and independence.

It serves as an occasion to inform citizens of violations of press freedom - a reminder that in dozens of countries around the world, publications are censored, fined, suspended and closed down, while journalists, editors and publishers are harassed, attacked, detained and even murdered.

See full Press Release.