Friday, April 02, 2010

How Working With NGOs Made DuPont A Better Company

They helped us find ways to improve our corporate citizenship without compromising on profitability.

In the early 1990s at DuPont we started a series of what we called "oval table dialogues," with people from non-governmental organizations. We would gather together 10 key leaders from DuPont and 10 people from NGOs. The representatives of DuPont would present key business strategies. We'd then ask each NGO person to give us three ideas for improving those strategies from the perspectives of their organizations, which might have to do with forestry, or water, or environmental performance or such. We would then spend a day and a half working together determining how we could incorporate the NGOs' ideas into our business plans in ways that would make the plans stronger for all of our stakeholders, including our shareholders.

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