Sunday, May 26, 2013

A New Climate Narrative: Climate Resilience

President Obama has firmly placed climate change on his agenda for his second term. There is no doubt that this president and members of his administration believe that climate change is a fundamental challenge of our time and that it must be dealt with for the good of posterity. His remarks about climate change in his second inaugural address show that the president’s thinking on this issue is not so very different from the beliefs that he came into office with in 2009. However, that does not mean that the administration’s strategy for dealing with climate change is the same as it was four years ago. In fact, there may be a world of difference between the cap and trade, clean energy oriented architecture that was pursued so aggressively during the first year of the Obama administration and the policies pursued on climate change this time around. The world is different than it was four years ago and a new approach is warranted. Perhaps the hardest task in determining what is possible in the realm of climate policy, is finding a way to get the conversation started. Where do you begin on an issue that is so politically charged in an era that is so politically divisive?

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