Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cities: green policies can contribute to growth

Cities can generate growth and jobs while becoming greener – this is the message of the OECD’s new Green Growth in Cities report. Drawing on case studies of Paris, Chicago, Kitakyushu and Stockholm, the report identifies green policies that can respond to urban growth priorities and suggests how to implement and finance them.

More than half the people in the world live in or near cities today. By the middle of the century, urban areas will be home to over two-thirds of the global population and a large share of economic activity.

“Cities must be an integral part of international efforts to make our economies more sustainable, with local and national policymakers working together to reduce urban environmental impact, stimulate growth and improve well-being for their residents” said OECD Deputy Secretary General Yves Leterme. “The potential synergies between the environment and the economy in cities are obvious. For example, reducing congestion and pollution makes a city more efficient and more attractive to firms and highly skilled workers.”

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