Monday, July 08, 2013

EU Announces Preliminary Tariffs in Solar Trade War with China

The European Commission on Tuesday announced it was imposing tariffs on Chinese solar panels in response to "price dumping." China has previously warned it would retaliate. The escalating trade war can only have one loser: Germany.

In Chinese industry, the officials of the European Commission have a reputation similar to that enjoyed by tax investigators among affluent tax evaders. They are hated, but at the same time they are received with the greatest of civility.

Which is why more than 100 Chinese exporters of solar panels in recent months have dutifully filled out pages of forms from the European Commission, which accuses them of trying to drive the competition into bankruptcy by undercutting their prices. When the European inspectors arrived, Chinese companies even gave them access to their confidential price calculations for the domestic and international market.

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