Sunday, December 02, 2012

Trust Women

When: 4-5 December, 2012
Where: London, UK

Trust Women is an action-based event that seeks to empower women to know and defend their rights.

The two-day conference aims to drive strategic partnerships and innovative solutions to address issues that deny women access to their rights and limit their potential.

Day one of the conference will explore the clashes between culture and the law, exploring strategies to put an end to child marriage, honour killings and female genital cutting. The second day will focus on trafficking and modern day slave trade where delegates and speakers will discuss how to put the trafficking business out of business and the corrosive effects of corruption.

This high-level event will bring together some of the world’s best minds from the fields of politics, law, finance, media and humanitarian action and will put the spotlight on unsung heroes, stories and solutions from the frontlines.

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